Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Two bugs/problems/questions

Le mer 13/11/2002 à 14:14, Jonatan Magnusson a écrit :
> > The 0.0 is the CPU usage.
> > But I suppose that you enabled video preview, don't expect GnomeMeeting
> > to use 0% CPU usage if it has to capture and display X frames/second.
> > 
> True. I have no camera, so I didn't think of that.
> > > 2. I would like a sound signal when someone calls, but I can't find any
> > > such settings? Would you accept a patch?
> > Have a better look in the Gnome control center, section "sounds", and in
> > the GnomeMeeting preferences.
> > 
> Ah, there it was! Still, I wouldn't say it is obvious. Perhaps atleast a
> checkbox in the gnomemeeting settings dialog would be a good idea?
> GnomeMeeting is really great! There are still some features I think
> would be handy, such as a whiteboard or an ability to send screenshots
> instead of camera. Would be great for collaboration. Any such plans?
hmmm...think you missed some configuration, again...or perhaps you
should upgrade to latest stable release if you're not using this one, :)
because you can chose in the prefs to send either nothing, either the
video grabbed by the video device (cam, TV, ...) either a static pic you
can chose yourself....
about the whiteboard, i think that's not on damien's TODO list as the
protocol T120 used by netmeeting for whiteboard is not implemented in
However if you feel the courage to do it yourself, patches are welcome

> //Jonatan
Fabrice Alphonso

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