Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Two bugs/problems/questions

> The 0.0 is the CPU usage.
> But I suppose that you enabled video preview, don't expect GnomeMeeting
> to use 0% CPU usage if it has to capture and display X frames/second.

True. I have no camera, so I didn't think of that.

> > 2. I would like a sound signal when someone calls, but I can't find any
> > such settings? Would you accept a patch?
> Have a better look in the Gnome control center, section "sounds", and in
> the GnomeMeeting preferences.

Ah, there it was! Still, I wouldn't say it is obvious. Perhaps atleast a
checkbox in the gnomemeeting settings dialog would be a good idea?

GnomeMeeting is really great! There are still some features I think
would be handy, such as a whiteboard or an ability to send screenshots
instead of camera. Would be great for collaboration. Any such plans?


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