Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnommeeting, netmeeting and NAT firewall

Am Mon, 2002-11-11 um 20.20 schrieb Dr. Vladimir Dontsov, DDS:
> My setup at home has RH 8.0 behind FREESCO 030 ( firewall. 030 
> FREESCO has netmeeting module compiled and installed, that works (by peoples' 
> reports, I gave not tested it with WindoZe, since I don't have one myself) 
> well with netmeeting. With mod you only need to forward one tcp 1720 port to 
> have netmeeting working. Does anybody have any idea if it will work for 
> gnomemeeting? Or should I still forward all the ports? Thank you in advance.
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If your router works with netmeeting it has to support the
h.323-protocol. If your router supports h.323 it also supports
GnomeMeeting. Thus forwarding port 1720 (tcp) to your workstation should
be enough.

Besides the gateway/firewall doesn't need a h.323-modul since GM 0.94
anymore because GnomeMeeting uses IP Translation. This means you only
have to forward some ports to your WS, that's enough!


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