Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Sound problems with 0.94

Le mer 06/11/2002 à 13:44, E. Sean Rintel a écrit :
> G'day Stefan and Damien,
> Thanks for your comments. I have a couple more questions just to try 
> and clear it up.
> First, Stefan's points:
> > daemon, or if you are using Gnome, maybe esd is running.
> I'm using Gnome, so if I kill esd, would GM still run with sound?

If esd was blocking yes.

> > If you are using arts, the problem can most likely be solved if you
> > set it to "no full-duplex" and lower the autosuspend time to 5
> > seconds.
> So if I change to using KDE3, at least to run GM, it would it be 
> easier for me to get the sound configured correctly?

not at all.

> > When you are using a dialup-connection with less than 128kbit, this
> > may be to much, try if the audio is working with no video, then try
> > raising the framerate starting with 1 fps. 
> I will try this.
> I am on a cable connection, but my partner is on a 56k connection. 
> What would be 'reasonable' frame rates etc. for that configuration?

No video, or you will flood him...

> > Monitor the bandwith
> > occupation, this should give you some hints. 
> What's a good app for that?

GnomeMeeting. (check the statusbar).

> Now Damien's point:
> >make sure that you are using  ALSA. I have the same soundcard as you,
> >and OSS is not able to make it work correctly in full-duplex mode as
> >required by GnomeMeeting.
> Oh boy, I'm new to linux so when I looked into ALSA I had a small 
> panic about patching my kernal etc. But I've looked at it all more 
> carefully and there is a lot of alsa stuff available in my distro 
> (0.9.0-0.8rc2mdk versions of libalsa2-devel, alsamixergui, 
> alsa-utils, libalsa2, libalsa-data). I installed all that, and I know 
> that soundcore is enabled, so does that mean that I still have to get 
> a driver from and do all that configuration stuff in 
> the How-to, or can I now run some commands based on the packages I 
> now have installed to get ALSA working?  Further, if I try to get 

I guess you can run some commands to use ALSA instead of OSS, but I
don't know Mandrake..

> ALSA working, will it automatically take over from OSS and esd, or do 
> I have to do something to make sure they don't conflict. I realizs 

They won't if you load the ALSA compat. modules.

> that these questions are not really GM questions, so if there is 
> somewhere else to ask them, let me know (I suppose I could post them 
> on an alsa list). Here's the thing though, if I run GM in KDE three 

Perhaps on a Mandrake forum?

> and do as Stefan suggested, can I get around needing ALSA or will I 
> always run into the problem because of my brand of soundcard (SB 
> PCI128)?

SB PCI 128 is not full-duplex under OSS. I have your soundcard, and I
can confirm you will have to either install ALSA, either buy a webcam
with an internal mic (philips cams).

> Until anon,
> Sean
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