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le ven 01-11-2002 à 10:43, Charles Whittington a écrit :

> PostScript. General silly remark about software: I would like to able to 
> build  up a system to perform various functions by installing layers and 
> run standard tests on each layer after it is installed to ensure it is 
> working correctly. If something performs unexpectedly, I want to strip 
> down the layers to find out in which software layer or interface  the 
> failure is. To get specific, could someone re-engineer the lower 
> interfaces of Gnomemeeting as a set of tests to see whether/which the 
> things it depends on in its environment are present and working. Just 
> dreaming .... Thanks again.

That's not dreaming, I just need to code that in the first time
configuration druid. However, I didn't have time yet. I'm coding in my
spare time, GnomeMeeting has now become bigger, but is still not 1.00.
Why? Not because it is not stable enough, but simply because I think
there are still missing features like :
- better quicknet support
- help to test audio and video in the configuration assistant
- addressbook with filters on calls

Now if people want to help, things will go faster, but if I'm alone to
code those features, maintain the FAQ, answer private mails and mails on
the mailing list, and also doing my Ph.D. / having a normal life, things
take a longer time to be achieved. Though people should not complain,
there have been about 10 releases 15 months. It means about one release
every 2 months :-)

Damien Sandras 

GnomeMeeting - H.323 Video-Conferencing application -
FOSDEM 2002  - Free Software and Open Source Developers Meeting -

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