Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Audio problems

Le ven 21/06/2002 à 16:27, Tuvik Beker a écrit :
> Damien Sandras wrote:
> Well, as I said in my original posting, I already checked that my card
> works in full duplex mode, doing just that. It functions flawlessly.

Not all people are like you, that is why I asked what you meant by "I
already checked that my card works in full duplex mode".

> > It is also perhaps a VPN configuration problem... If you are
> > behind the VPN gateway, then it is the same problem as being NATted...
> As far as I know this is not the case. I'm connecting through a 'vanilla'
> dialup connection to an ISP. One of the two computers I tried connecting
> to has the same type of connection, and doesn't seem to have any problems
> running NetMeeting with no special tweaking.

Then it is ok.

> I have an internal VPN on my computer, but I don't think it is related in
> any way. As I said, listening on the PPP connection shows packets routed
> out to the ILS directory with my correct (dynamically allocated) address.
> Would someone care to try and debug this condition with me from the other
> side?! It might be helpful to see what the computer on the other side sees
> during the connection.

Go on, #gnomemeeting and find somebody who has time to
test with you. running gnomemeeting with --debug could also help to
track the problem down. The problem could simply be that you don't have
enough bandwidth even for audio. PPP is very bad. Even if it works with
Netmeeting, it doesn't mean it will work with GnomeMeeting because we
don't have the money to pay the licence fees to have the right to use a
codec like G.723.1 which is of very good quality for ppp connections.
Yes, Netmeeting works better in that sense, but I'm not Bill Gates...

> Thanks again,
> Tuvik

No problem :)
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