Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] having problems with audio-only connection

> I sent a huge mail explaining you how to do with your firewall.

Thanks, I appreciate it.  When I get to this step I'm sure you've answered
my problem.

> Now if you have full duplex problems, it is easy to solve it looking at 
> the FAQ or the mail archives. That problem has been answered a million
> of times. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yes, the FAQ is where I thought I had seen that it should work:
Intel Audio 

Intel i810/820/... Yes. Limitations on sample rates, some usages need 0.13
or higher driver for this Nvidia audio/SIS735 Under development but almost
identical to intel.

I'm running an SIS735 chipset on the mobo and kernel 2.4.18, driver version
is 0.21 so I thought it was full duplex.  Running GM in debug mode it says:

  0:05.936          H225 Caller:81172b8 Codec   Could not open sound channel "/dev/dsp" for recording: Device or resource busy
Could not open sound device /dev/dsp - Check permissions or full duplex capability.

"fuser -v /dev/dsp" shows nothing using /dev/dsp, I've killed artsd just in

The other thing that is slightly confusing in the FAQ is that it mentions
some chipsets that "should" have support in the kernel, and but then it
"Your are using the OSS kernel drivers. Please use the ALSA drivers. Most
of the OSS kernel drivers are not full-duplex, it means that they are
unable to record and play audio at the same time."

So, do I need to install ALSA for the SIS 735 chipset?

Sorry for seeming so clueless - I have spent a lot of time looking over the
docs and reading stuff before I came to the list.  There are lots of layers
of software here and I was just trying to get a pointer in the right

Take care,
Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
dmartin cliftonlabs com
pgp key available

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