Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] having problems with audio-only connection

> >Any help debugging would be appreciated.
> apt-get install openmcu
> openmcu -n --audio-loopback room101 --listenport 1740 -v
> launch gm, connect to localhost:1740; if you hear yourself, gm works 
> and you have network problems. If you don't, well, ... we'll see!

Hmmm, OK.  I'm fairly sure that's not working right.  I get this:
~> gnomemeeting --disable-sound
Could not open sound device /dev/dsp - Check permissions or full duplex

I'm fairly certain permissions aren't a problem - other audio apps work
fine and they look OK to me.  Esd drives the sound OK if I run it as me, so
if I try that and then "--enable-sound", it still says it can't open

I'm using the onboard sound of an ECS K7S5A - it uses the Intel 810 driver
which I believed to be full duplex.  I am using the OSS drivers that came
with the kernel.  The only other thing that I'm aware of about the hardware
is that it ONLY supports 48KHz sampling/playback.

Next thing to try? :-)

Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
dmartin cliftonlabs com
pgp key available

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