Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Miror feature

Le mar 11/06/2002 à 11:10, Kilian Krause a écrit :
> Hi Julien,
> btw. the both will give u a small picture of yourself in the bottom right
> corner, if it works. i had versions with ignored "both" though. i'm not sure
> what the current pwlib does do with that setting.. just give it a try.. at least

It is not pwlib, but GnomeMeeting that copes with that setting. Nightly
snapshots have had that setting disabled (I forgot to reimplement it
when I was porting to GTK2, but Snark reminded it to me), but it works
again since > 0.92.

Upper left corner for 0.85, bottom right-corner for 0.92.

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