Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Miror feature

Le mar 11/06/2002 à 11:08, Julien Narboux a écrit :
> Hi,
> Gnomemeeting is getting better and better but ...
> (Perhaps I didn't find the right button ) Is it possible to see yourself 
> during the call ?
> It would be very useful in order to know what you are sending because I 
> think I can't use another software to display the  picture because the 
> v4l  device is already in use.
if you are still using O.85.X version, yu have to right-click on the
displayed video, and you will be able to choose between, local (your
video), remote (the video of the remote party), and both where you will
see mainly the remote video and a little video of you in the left top
corner, if i good remember, as an incrustation
if you're using the new snapshot of 0.9X version (for gnome2), i think
the right-click tip has disapeared, but you have to go through the view
menu and choose between the three entries described above....

> Thanks
> Julien

Fabrice Alphonso
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