Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] No Window

> I can't belive that I compiled all the gtk+/demos/gtk-demo/ and all of 
> them works fine.
> Then I do a compled new and it works the same, I get no window.
> Do you have a littel test program which I can use, to try your
> gtk_widget_show

I was not talking about the window that doesn't show but about the crash
when opening the ILS window.

The trick was given by Snark on this mailing list a few days ago:
if you are not running GM under a Gnome2 session, just start
bonobo-activation-empty-server before GnomeMeeting because 
bonbo-activation-server must be running.

I think that the fact it is not started automatically is a bug in Gnome2.


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