Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GnomeMeeting and NetMeeting

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 01:36:00PM -0700, James K. Wiggs wrote:
>    I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure what you mean by this.  I looked 
> up the web page on RSIP, and downloaded the source.  But your use of
> the phrase "we can't help for Netmeeting" implies that there's nothing 
> to be done.  Does this mean that what I'm trying to do is simply not

Let's say that for Netmeeting incoming calls, except allowing all 
TCP ports > 1024 and all UDP ports, there is nothing to be done. no...

For outgoing calls, there is no problem, but Im not sure what ports
Netmeeting uses for UDP.

The sentence simply means that we can help you for GnomeMeeting, because
we know how it works (hopefully ;), but for Netmeeting it is very hard 
as many ports are totally random, and there is no tunneling.

If you use RSIP, from GnomeMeeting to GnomeMeeting, you can use H.245 Tunneling
(the H323 NAT module doesn't support it, Netmeeting either), and *only*
forward TCP 1720, and allow UDP 5000-5003. That is very easy. The problem
is with Netmeeting that doesn't support H.245 Tunneling and uses a random
port for it. UDP channels are also a problem, I don't know which one Netmeeting
will use.

> possible?  I have to say I'll be astonished if that's true.

Yes it is possible, but not secure as you have to allow a great number of

>    GnomeMeeting to GnomeMeeting is simply not an option at this time.
> The guy with the NT box is running legacy applications that require him
> to use NT, and he doesn't have a redundant box to load with Linux just
> so he can run GnomeMeeting.  In the future (say, 3-6 months from now) I

There will perhaps be a Windows version of GM by that time.

> may be able to get around that by loading Linux on his box and setting
> up NT in a VMWare machine.  For now, it can't be done.

>    I've downloaded and compiled opengk, and successfully installed it on
> one of my boxes; if using this would solve the problem, that would be a
> fine thing.  Many thanks!

Yes; I will work on that and send a mail in the beginning of next week.
It is the best thing to do. But again, if you want to be secure, incoming
calls are not possible or you have to allow nearly all ports on your firewall.


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