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On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 10:19:46AM -0800, Auzie Morgan wrote:
> This all sounds good, You guys are still my number one Linux Open Source 
> video conf tool.  By the way any Suse 7.3 rpms comming? Or semi distro 
> nuetral src rpms?  Not that I get much traffic but Ill be sure to put 
> together a try out story about this next rev..

Yes I have a link somewhere with Suse RPMs.
I have no news from the creator, but I'll add Suse RPMs on
for the next release.

> Only enhancment I could posible add, and if I missed it being done 
> already oh well.. But why not figure out how to get GM to detect the 
> NetMeeting and send it the right codec rather than having NetMeeting 
> users patch NetMeeting? Calling my lil bro n mom would be a bit easier 
> that way :). . . Oh and has anyone figured out why Winov boards were not 
> working yet?

H.323 doesn't permit that. GnomeMeeting already chooses the right codec,
but the only common codec between GnomeMeeting and Netmeeting is G.711
which is of bad quality in terms of bandwidth. That is why we have to
make people add artificially MS-GSM to Netmeeting. There is no other
way, except paying the licences fees to include the Netmeeting codecs into
OpenH323 and GnomeMeeting...

> Damien Sandras wrote:
> >Hi all :)
> >
> >I'm sending some news of the development. We have worked a lot on the
> >next release of GnomeMeeting which is still not ready. It will take
> >about one more month till the next release, but the CVS will still be
> >feature-full in a few days. It has taken a longer time to do this
> >release because of Christmas, New Year, because I had to prepare my talk
> >for the Linux Expo in Paris, and I'm also one of the organisators of the
> >FOSDEM (see; I hope to see some of you at this
> >event.
> >
> >What will be new in 0.13 ?
> >
> >- Basic text Chat support with the remote party (thanks to Roger for the
> >ideas and the changes in ohphone)
> >- Ability to change all options on the fly during calls (we made small
> >patches that Robert of Equivalence included into their CVS, I really
> >want to thank him for that)
> >- Gconf support 
> >- Improved Gatekeeper support
> >- New LDAP browser (Miguel Rodriguez should work on it)
> >- New icons thanks to the work of Jakub Steiner (yes, the guy who drew
> >the wonderful Gnome icons, nautilus icons, evolution icons, ...) Thanks
> >a lot again.
> >- XDAP support thanks to Paul Ashton (Ability to register correctly to
> >all ILS directories and to LDAP servers)
> >- Call forwarding support
> >- Any other feature that you would like to propose or implement ;)
> >
> >This release will take a longer time to work, as Im also working a lot
> >for the FOSDEM in my free time.
> >
> >Thanks to all of you who report bugs and encourage me to continue. We
> >try to innovate to bring you a better product :-)
> >
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