Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] color quickCam parallel problem

If I remember correctly, the parallel quickCam is not video4linux

However Im not sure.

The fact that GnomeMeeting hangs is not normal. It is probably a bug in
pwlib when opening the video device (most of the video stuff is handled
by pwlib).

Try to make sure that your webcam is video4linux compliant, then compile
gnomemeeting yourself and run it through gdb to see where it fails.

I can't help more as I have no color quickcam.

le lun 21-01-2002 à 05:09, Wojciech Tadeusz Fedorko a écrit :
> Hi!
> I have a problem getting mu quickcam to work
> I don't do anything I get a message from gnomemeeting on startup:
> Error while opening video device /dev/video0 channel 0
> if I do this:
> modprobe c-qcam
> gnome meeting doesn't start properly -> it hangs it doesn't even redraw 
> itself when i cover it with something else...
> I also tried to edit /etc/modules.conf -> same result...
> any hints would be apperciated...
> thanks,
> Wojtek
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