Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] problems when runnig gnomemeeting with open gatekeeper !!

It is probably a problem with the gatekeeper code in GnomeMeeting.
I will try to fix it in the following weeks.

le dim 11-11-2001 à 07:26, Gurbir Singh Dhaliwal a écrit :
> Hi,
> 	I started using gnomemeeting 0.12.2 with the openh323 gatekeeper version
> 1.0.3 available on the site. The calls work when we do a
> peer to peer setup without any gatekeeper. But once we put in a gatekeeper
> the gnomemeeting clients are unable to connect with each other through the
> gatekeeper. ( Though they do manage to register themselves on the
> gatekeeper)
> 	On the client through which I make a call I get a message in the taskbar of
> the gnomemeeting that it 'connects' and then the call lasts for about 5 secs
> after which it shows 'call completed'.
> 	On the other hand the client I am actually calling does not recieve any
> signal.
> 	Apparently the windows netmeeting is working fine with the same settings on
> the gatekeeper , so I presume that the problem is not in the gatekeeper.
> 	I was wondering if someone has faced a similar problem or if someone could
> guide we as where the problem could lie.
> -Gurbir
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