[GnomeMeeting-list] Change to the OpenH323 API which breaks GM

Hi all,
The next version of OpenH323 (probably called 1.8.0) will have a change
which means GnomeMeeting will no longer compile or run.
(the fix is easy though)
GnomeMeeting uses version of H323ConnectionInitialise()
which has the parameters
(H323EndPoint ep, unsigned ref, BOOL disableFastStart, BOOL disableTunneling)
This has now been replaced by a new version
which has the parameters
(H323EndPoint ep, unsigned ref, unsigned options)
The options patameter is a bit packed value, and two of the bits
can be set to turn off FastStart and to turn off Tunneling
Robert at Equivalence has said that he does not want to put in a shim
for the old H323ConnectionInitialise() as really we should have been
using one of the other Initialise calls.
So, if anyone decides to grab the new pwlib and OpenH323 (due in a few
days time) and run GnomeMeeting with it, they will have problems.
You cannot compile GM with the new library.
And if you update the libraries, GM will no longer run.
All I can sugest at this time is
a) we release a GM 0.12.2a which is just 0.12.2 with a tiny change to
b) we make sure the web site says to use the older OpenH323 and PWLib libraries
with GnomeMeeting 0.12.2

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