Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Change to the OpenH323 API which breaks GM

Dear Roger,

I noticed that problem thanks to Enzo.

Can you send me a patch to apply to CVS ?

I will post a news on No need to make a new release as
the next release will be done in maximum 3 weeks. 

le lun 04-02-2002 à 09:46, Roger Hardiman a écrit :
> Hi all,
> The next version of OpenH323 (probably called 1.8.0) will have a change
> which means GnomeMeeting will no longer compile or run.
> (the fix is easy though)
> GnomeMeeting uses version of H323ConnectionInitialise()
> which has the parameters
> (H323EndPoint ep, unsigned ref, BOOL disableFastStart, BOOL disableTunneling)
> This has now been replaced by a new version
> which has the parameters
> (H323EndPoint ep, unsigned ref, unsigned options)
> The options patameter is a bit packed value, and two of the bits
> can be set to turn off FastStart and to turn off Tunneling
> Robert at Equivalence has said that he does not want to put in a shim
> for the old H323ConnectionInitialise() as really we should have been
> using one of the other Initialise calls.
> So, if anyone decides to grab the new pwlib and OpenH323 (due in a few
> days time) and run GnomeMeeting with it, they will have problems.
> You cannot compile GM with the new library.
> And if you update the libraries, GM will no longer run.
> All I can sugest at this time is
> a) we release a GM 0.12.2a which is just 0.12.2 with a tiny change to
> H323ConnectionInitialise.
> b) we make sure the web site says to use the older OpenH323 and PWLib libraries
> with GnomeMeeting 0.12.2
> Roger
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