Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Sound problem under FreeBSD 4.7

Le jeu 05/12/2002 à 16:52, LEZIN Lo a écrit :
> >

> HOHO ! so how to know if it is full duplex?

Testing or driver doc should tell.

> >
> Sorry what is the package which contains "rec" ?

Sox on linux.

> I tried it but nothing happens ...Does it means that it's not full-duplex ?

Most probably :(

> So where can i find a full duplex drivers for it ? And how can i install 
> it if it exist ?

I don't know for FreeBSD. In that case, for linux, the solution is to
install ALSA from .
Another solution is to buy a webcam with an internal microphone (like
Philips ToUCam Pro) and use the soundcard only for playback.

> Thanks you for support

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