Re: [GnomeMeeting-list]Dexxa / Quickcam with GnomeMeeting

Now that we know that it works with YUV411P, are you ready to do some
compiling with PWLib ?
We can add support for your webcam so that it always work and so that
other users do not need to change things in GnomeMeeting...

le lun 29-10-2001 à 17:17, Dirk Schmidt a écrit :
> Sorry, I forgot to tell the error message also contained "Your driver doesn't 
> support the YUV420P format." I'm using the qce-ga-0.40b driver, no matter 
> what version, currently I'm using some patched CVS version.
> The device is /dev/video, it does work with other applications.
> 'gnomemeeting -d' doesn't give any additional messages, while trying to acces 
> the video device.
> Best wishes
> Dirk
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