Re: [GnomeMeeting-list]RE: Anyone want to get an ICQ list as a registry to find those of us with this tool?

le lun 29-10-2001 à 17:21, Auzie Morgan a écrit :
> Maybe on, or if anyone wants my site, has forums but spaceports blocks my scripts from emailing so if you sign up you need to email me to set your password.. like I think this is great but when I wildly took it for a spin on ILS servers I was hard pressed to find other users to connect with.. 
Yes an ICQ list would be interesting...
A gabber list too...
Any idea on how to do that ?
> PS Chat and white board? any time soon? (some how those should also be compatable with netmeeting)
Mhh, this needs T.120 support which is difficult to implement.
I think it will never be implemented.
However, chat support (also T.120 support) could be a nice idea.
Anybody wants to investigate on this ?
OpenH323 has preliminary support for T.120.

> No matter what THIS ROCKS, I cant wait for this to mature a bit more,
> PS Ive tried several cams, IBMCAM, ov511 with 640x480 able cams, and my cheapo 0v511 based Dlink cam.. The one thing I noticed is size and overlay (picture in picture) does not work right with many of them, so Maybe a display layer that some how fixes the image before the app gets it / sends it.. kinda like a none /dev/video0 layer that is more screen shootable and stable even if its a little slower?

I don't understand what you mean... 
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