RE: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Ekiga problem with Logitech 4000 pro

> Hi Damien,
> I just installed Ekiga (by "yum install ekiga") on my Fedora Core 5
> system yesterday with a Logitect 4000 pro webcam.  I know the 
> Camera is
> supported by V4L.  And in the Ekiga configuration durid, the camera
> passes the test fine.  However, I don't get any videos when I click on
> the little video icon.  A gray box is displayed instead.  
> There doesn't
> seem to be a package for xawtv any more in Fedora.  So I 
> downloaded and
> built the gqcam, to try the camera out.  The gqcam shows a gray square
> as well, just like Ekiga.  Do you know what the problem might be and
> what else I can try?  

The same problem was reported here some time ago, and a solution was given.

For good reasons, the decompression code has been removed from the pwc
module. As compression is only needed for higher framerates and resolutions,
this is not really a problem. Unfortunately, the module defaults to
compression level 1, and outputs a grey picture then.

To deactivate the compression, put something like "options pwc
compression=0" into /etc/modprobe.d/local or whereever fedora thinks it
belongs to.


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