Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] a Voip rant

> Hey all,
> Just saw this blog entry called 'VoIP Rant'. Has a couple of
> reasonable points.
Which? For me the more reasonable point is to _not_ use Skype:
- it eats all your bandwidth
- is absolutlely not secure.
- you have Skype in, Skype out. Where are competitors?

If he has the choice of installing Ubuntu instead of Mandriva or any
other distribution, why people shouldn't have the right to choose
something else then Skype? If FW is a problem, just go for IAX, you will
still have the choice of your gateways. (Damien, I use it for
demonstration purpose, not against Ekiga ;-))

Not reasonable points about Skype. I hate Skype! More about usability.
Being able to just put a name in and call them rather than having to
mess around with sip:blah somewhere com etc. When we get the ability
to just call people in our contact list from within evo. I know that
most of his points are without full merit and he didn't even test
ekiga but there were some relevant points there which is why I pointed
it out. There's no need to _yell_ about it.


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