[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] bluetooth-headset (btsco) support within ekiga


i had a talk  in the ekiga irc-room five minutes ago, asking whether it
is possible to execute a shellcommand ("$btsco adress channel") or do
anything equivalent that would allow me to connect to my btsco-enabled
bluetooth headset (creating the btsco audio device) when starting a call
in ekiga. this would mainly offer two advantage over connecting when
starting ekiga:

1) the dumb user (me) could hardly forget switching on the headset when
actually starting a call (cause picking up the phone and starzting a
call is somehow atomic), while if the connection has to be established
when ekiga is started, most users won't think of turning on the headset
before which will cause the connection to fail.

2) power consumption of the headset would be very much lower.

it would be very nice if such a feature could be implemented.

regards jan

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