Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Advanced support for bluetooth headsets

The first problem is that a BT headset isn't a reliable device
(battery empty, out of range, white noise generators...) so there
should be a secondary device to use. This is just an usability issue,
but a very important one: I don't like to loose calls.

The second problem is that we must establish the control link to the
headset and send a ring command to be able to receive button click
events. Otherwise, the headset will establish a connection with its
default audio gateway, who knows where. So the headset should always
ring if it's the default audio device, regardless of the sound event

And, can a PWLib audio plugin answer a call or notify a generic user
action when the button is pressed?

>Le jeudi 20 avril 2006 à 12:40 +0200, Unai Uribarri a écrit :
>> Hello people,
>> I've been using kphone during the past two years. But after the
>> release of ekiga-2.0, I'm willing to change my softphone.
>> What I miss in Ekiga is to be able to broadcast the call ring to the
>> paired bluetooth headsets and, if the user press the answer button on
>> any headset use that headset for that call (if the user uses the
>> keyb/mouse, use the configured audio device).
>That's possible. You can just have a different device for sound events
>and conversations (see the preferences).

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