Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] SIP, RTP ports and firewall

Le mercredi 30 novembre 2005 à 12:23 +0100, Daniel Huhardeaux a écrit :
> Damien, since 2 weeks I use GM with 16384:16392 ports open, was OK. Went 
> back to 6970:6979, not working too. Then 6970:7170 (original parameters) 
> and it's ok. Still a router problem ;-)?

Sure yes, see my explanation above.

> I told few days ago that on my firewall, 16384:16388 ports where opened 
> for one UA (=one IP address). SjPhone as well as XLite can live with 
> this, GM no. I tested and saw that for GM I had to open 9 consecutive 
> ports, what I did and it was ok. And now again failure.

Same answer. STUN, for some reason, can not open 2 consecutive ports on
your firewall. When the range is bigger, it has more changes to find 2
consecutive ports available, ie not already used.

If you don't trust me, just try capturing with ethereal on the router,
and see exactly what happens.
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