Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Change of GNOMEMEETING name

The HOB suggestion leads me to  HOBNOB, sort of an old fashioned english phrase for CHAT.
It will be recognised by any native english speaker (well maybe those yanks might not get it, but do they count? haw haw).
I've copied in a description from some online dictionary.
here's the link to it as it also has some published sentences to show usage.
Hobnob comes from an eariler phrase, to hob or nob, meaning "to drink together, taking turns toasting one another," probably from Middle English habbe "to have" and nabbe, a contraction of ne + habbe, "to have not," hence, "to have and have not, to give and take ."
It would get my vote (do silent readers get a vote?) as its kinda known, a little quirky, and catchy.

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