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Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:02:47 +0100
From: Daniel Huhardeaux <devel tootai net>
Subject: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Change of GNOMEMEETING name
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I come back with this matter as I think it's the right moment but also the last possibility we have to change the name of our favorit software.

As Julien pointed out, there are some domainnames which already exists, same for ML, IRC, forums aso. I think that this is not a problem as for few times both names would be used anyway and they can be aliased.

My reflexion is: GM 2.0 will come out, since 18 monthes we discuss about a new name, it's the right time. I think that after we should wait a 3.0 to again have a possibility to change it. As also Damien want to have a new slogan like "Free your speech" or something similar, why not do it all in one :-)
My question: do you agree with me to push to have a new name for GM 2.0?

If no, we close the subject.
If yes, then it's time for brainstorming ;-)
Please reply, even with just a "yes" or "no" answer, but reply!

Yes, your are right, it's time to do it if it must be done.
In any case, even if the name doesn't change 'at the end of the bridge', this question is a good question.

Below you will find the list of what was proposed, Damien having Voximi as preferences but don't like it 100% if I well remember.

1) *Voximi* for Vox - see - me

2) Tertulia

3) paroli for "talk" in esperanto

4) CAFFEIN for Call A Friend and Find a new Experience on the Net

5) "Hob", short and no immediate connotations arrive. Hob was/is the 'messanger of ra', referred to as Thoth by the Greeks; he is the mythological forerunner of Hermes (references to Hob predate those to Hermes, and Hermes is believed to be a Greek adaptation of the Hob mythology). Since vowels were not recorded in ancient Egyptian texts it could also be Hab, Hib, or Heb, at anyones discretion.

6) ODIN Conferencing -- _OpenSource_? <http://wiki.seconix.com/index.php/OpenSource?action=edit> Data-Interchange Network <- too frequent? Conferencing

7) _OpenMeeting_? <http://wiki.seconix.com/index.php/OpenMeeting?action=edit>
+2  it's not too far from gnomemeeting and there is Open in it

8) Talkymag, for "talky" + "image"... but also "mag" like magician

9) _NewMeeting_? <http://wiki.seconix.com/index.php/NewMeeting?action=edit>

10) Vox Populi

11) Proximity

12a) Vocifer for "Vox & See" and a pun with with Lucifer and Vociférer in french

12b) Voxifer

13) Buschtrommel - German for the drums used to communicate in the outback. You send you message by hitting your drum and the call get's picked up and relayed to the target.

14) conference - should be kinda self explaining.

15) blafasel - German for "yaddayadda"

16) conversa - spanish for "to converse"

Thanks for your time.
-- Daniel

May I suggest :

   OpenViVox  for Open Video and Vox  (ViVox already exists)

Thank you too

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