Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] SIP, RTP ports and firewall

Damien Sandras a écrit :


If the snapshot you are using is correct, the key name is :
Ok got it. Thanks

My questions: I think that I could solve my problem (Only one RTP port allowed) if I could modify the RTP port to use. But where is this list?

In GConf. But allowing only one port doesn't make sense and will most
likely give problems.
Was more for my second example: allowing same RTP ports for all UA which are not the well known for each application.

Why GM on second call use the previous RTP port? Does the entry GnomeMeeting in gconf have sense? If yes, why the RTP port defined for H323 are not used?

Because you are not using the correct GConf key.
Treat me as stupid ;-) No, joking :-) Does it mean that I can safely remove the gnomemeeting entry from Gconf?

Could be a good idea to put list of RTP ports in preferences so users could adapt them to there setup (Eg: for all my UA I use the same RTP port range which are my owns)

Yes and no, it is only useful for very advanced users. I want to keep
things simple.
Ok, agree. But how you want to explain to people they have to open some ports on there firewall if you don't know which one ;-)? Also, the range is always too large for me (security reason), especialy if you want to implement in professional areas and you have to ask the computer administrator to open 1000 ports on there firewall just for 1 or 2 VoIP devices!

I vote for a possibility to have RTP ports in preferences, even 1720 and 5060 ports should be possible to modify: if providers are blocking those ports, it's easier to modify in an application that to setup firewall rules (user side).

What's the difference for you about RTP and UDP? From what I saw, my audio went through 5065 which are marked UDP. Are RTP range only for H323?

Thanks to share your knowledge with us ;-)

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