Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] SIP, RTP ports and firewall

Le dimanche 20 novembre 2005 à 17:45 +0100, Daniel Huhardeaux a écrit :

> Deduction: RTP port in SIP are 5067 till ...? I Modify with-gconf-editor 
> the ports key from entry gnomemeeting (No ports entry for 
> gnomemeeting-snapshot), it change nothing.

If the snapshot you are using is correct, the key name is :

> My questions: I think that I could solve my problem (Only one RTP port 
> allowed) if I could modify the RTP port to use. But where is this list?

In GConf. But allowing only one port doesn't make sense and will most
likely give problems.

> Why GM on second call use the previous RTP port? Does the entry 
> GnomeMeeting in gconf have sense? If yes, why the RTP port defined for 
> H323 are not used?

Because you are not using the correct GConf key.

> Could be a good idea to put list of RTP ports in preferences so users 
> could adapt them to there setup (Eg: for all my UA I use the same RTP 
> port range which are my owns)

Yes and no, it is only useful for very advanced users. I want to keep
things simple.

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