Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Freedom of speech

El ds 19 de 11 del 2005 a les 19:11 +0100, en/na Damien Sandras va
> Hello,
> A while ago, I proposed a slogan like "Freedom of speech" for
> GnomeMeeting to emphasize on the fact that GnomeMeeting is :
> - a VoIP software
> - it is free as free beer
> - it is free as free speech
> - there is no company behind it, so we have no commercial interest
> unlike Gizmo, Wengo, and others
> "Freedom of speech" is used in the american constitution iirc.
> I noticed that it was also used by the belgian cellular operator "BASE".
> So I wanted to change it into :
> "Free your speech"

nice twik, I like it :)

definitely +1


P.S.: There is a commercial on TV here that has a slogan taht goes "Free
your mouth" (I think it's coke or some other sort of beverage, not

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