Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: GnomeMeeting 2.00

Le dimanche 13 novembre 2005 à 19:29 +0100, Philippe Lefevre a écrit :
> Hello Tony,


> I agree and if I may help I'll be happy to work with you and all others 
> who want to share this job.
> In this objective, I recently had a look on the existing FAQ. I think 
> some chapters might be reused and its skeleton conserved and would 
> constitute a good start point.


> Now, Damien or other in the development team, will certainly have to add 
> some comments, chapters on what is new or outdated.
> May be some questions are already availables ?

Not yet, but I will rework it first, then distribute it for public use.

> Damien, in order for me to have a better understanding on how to work 
> with all of you, could you please specify :
>  From who we can get such a details/files and how do you see the way for 
> us to work.

>From me, but I'm at a conference until next week, so I will not do much
until next week.

> Do we have just to wait for your original files ?

Perhaps that's better. I want to work on them first, then leave them for
public improvements. But I think it is better if I write the first
items, being the one that better knows SIP in GnomeMeeting for now :)

> Which channel will be used for us to get them ?


> Are there any dead lines already defined for the new FAQ ?

No, but I would say, end of December, beginning of January.

> Are there any some already written documentation that we could begin to 
> work on (FAQ and doc) ?

Unfortunately no :(

> About translations, do you think that there are some needs for this new 
> FAQ ?

I don't think so. The FAQ is too "volatile". For the new manual (yet to
be written), then translations will be required.

> etc....
> Sorry for all those probably very basic questions but again I never did 
> that before.
> Philippe
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