Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GnomeMeeting 2.00

On 11/4/05, Kilian Krause <kk verfaction de> wrote:
> Hi Pete,
> > No, sounds alright to me. I should be able to help with various
> > builds, or at least testing of builds as I currently have boxes
> > running FreeBSD 4.10 & 5.4 as well as FC4 and shortly will have
> > Solaris 10, and maybe OpenSolaris too. I'm trying to get use to
> > building with FreeBSD 5.4 at the moment.
> once you're done with "getting used", please post an update what the
> ports collection lacks and whether we need to kick someone. In case you
> have patches, mail me and i'll try to get them commited into FreeBSD.

Will do, will have to work out how to build a port too. Any pointers
to some good docs. I'm sure google, or the freebsd site will be useful


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