[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GM OPAL

Hi Damien and All,

Been using the cvs version of GM with a telelphony provider
(freshtel.net) with great success :-) They're primary protocol is
actually IAX but they support SIP as well with a nice selection of
both open and closed codecs (G.729, iLBC, GSM, speex and G.711). If
anyones interested I have all the SIP settings (maybe these sort of
things could go in the wiki when its back operational :-)

Anyway just a few observations from the cvs version I'm currently
running (about a week ago just after silence supression was updated).

1) I run GM up from g-s-m so it starts when I log onto my laptop. I
find quite often that GM doesn't register to the SIP proxy server when
it starts this way for some reason so I quit go back in and away it

2) It seems to take quite a while to connect/disconnect audio when the
call is established/dropped. Don't know whether this is normal or not
(ie there in the old version or not). It also takes a good while to
update the phone icon in the panel after a hang up etc.

Other than that the audio appears pretty good and it seems pretty
stable... Good work Damien :-)


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