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Am Freitag, 29. Juli 2005 19:21 schrieb Philippe Lefevre:
> Hi Stephan,
> I'd like just get some infos about the recent change made in translated
> documentation.
> I did the GM french translation. To do this, I used some very low levels
> tools (I mean vi ;-) ) and
> rewrite any sentence to the translated one without any change in the
> docbook format.

To this point, there are no big changes. A short snip from the french po:
#: ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:64(releaseinfo) 
msgid "This documentation is for version 1.2 of GnomeMeeting."
msgstr "Cette documentation est celle de GnomeMeeting version 1.2."

#: ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:69(para) 
msgid "User manual for the GnomeMeeting videoconferencing, IP Telephony and 
VoIP application"
msgstr "Manuel utilisateur du logiciel de vidéoconférence, téléphonie IP et 
VoIP GnomeMeeting."

#: ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:77(primary) 
msgid "gnomemeeting"
msgstr "gnomemeeting"

#: ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:110(title) ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:341
(title) ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:450(title) ../C/gnomemeeting.xml:489(title) 
msgid "Tip"
msgstr "Note"

After the hashmark, first there is the filename, and then in brackets the 
outermost xml tag. These pairs can appear multiple times if a string is 
appearing multiple times in the documentation. In most cases, you can just 
ignore this line :-) (it is used by the merging tools to put the translation 
to the right positions)

After this, there is first the msgid, which is plainly the original english 
string, and after this the translated string.

> Now, I suppose I'll have to change this way of work and it would
> probably be better and more
> "professional". That's great.

You can still use vi, sometimes I use it for the GUI translation, too. If 
there are a lot of changes, or ones is starting from scratch, it is more 
convenient to use a tools designed for po translation, the ones I know of are 
kbabel (part of KDE, my preferred one) and gtranslator (never used it ...). 
Kbabel (same may be true for gtranslator) features spell checking, easy 
navigation of the po file ("go to next untranslated message"), use of a 
compendium (you can use for example the gnomemeeting gui translation and 
search for a message, even simply copy identical messages automatically).

> I had a look today on
> to get some examples
> and try to understand how it works but I must say I don't see.
> Could you please explain a bit the way for me to maintain
> gnomemeeting.xml in the future ?
> What is a po ? What is the POT file ? What are the principles now ?

A po is the file holding the translation. po_t_ is a template, it just holds 
the original strings. Whenever the documentation is updated, a new pot is 
created automatically, and a new po is created from the old translation. Any 
unchanged strings are taken from the old po, slightly changed strings are 
marked as "fuzzy" (e.g. some corrected typos) and new strings will appear as 
untranslated. Just download the new po, incorporate any needed changes into 
it and commit (or let commit) it to cvs. The translated xml is automatically 
created from the po and the english gnomemeeting.xml.

> May be you could email me directly to avoid polluting the devel list ?
> (ph_dot_l_at_libertysurf_dot_fr)
> An other point : is there any way to be aware that gnomemeeting is
> available on
> ?

I am waiting for Damien to commit the changes to cvs. Afterwards the change 
have to be announced to the right people to let them change some scripts. 
When this is done, gnomemeeting will appear on the above mentioned page, but 
I will it announce to gm-devel when the change is completed.

> In advance, thank you for your help,
> greetings,
> PhL



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