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Hi Stephan,

I'd like just get some infos about the recent change made in translated documentation.

I did the GM french translation. To do this, I used some very low levels tools (I mean vi ;-) ) and rewrite any sentence to the translated one without any change in the docbook format.

Now, I suppose I'll have to change this way of work and it would probably be better and more
"professional". That's great.

I had a look today on http://kvota.net/doc-l10n/by-modules.html#gnomemeeting to get some examples
and try to understand how it works but I must say I don't see.
Could you please explain a bit the way for me to maintain gnomemeeting.xml in the future ?
What is a po ? What is the POT file ? What are the principles now ?
May be you could email me directly to avoid polluting the devel list ? (ph_dot_l_at_libertysurf_dot_fr)

An other point : is there any way to be aware that gnomemeeting is available on
http://kvota.net/doc-l10n....... ?

In advance, thank you for your help,


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Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 09:49:52 +0200
From: Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com>
Subject: Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Moving to gnome-doc-utils
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Hi Stefan,

I will apply this patch next week once I've finished my work on OPAL.

That's a great patch, thanks for it !

Le jeudi 28 juillet 2005 �3:48 +0200, Stefan Bruens a �it :

attached is a patch for moving to gnome-doc-utils.

What is it all about?
The strings to translate are extracted from the english gnomemeeting.xml and put into an pot. Translators can then use this to create a po with their translations commit these po's to cvs. During 'make dist' the translations are merged into the english gnomemeeting.xml, which holds the structural information, and a gnomemeeting-<lang>.xml is created, so the dist tarball holds (almost) the same files as before.

What are the benefits?
First, the translators are used to po's, the gui translation can be used as a compendium to create a consistent translation. Second, when the documentation is changed (added/removed/changed paragraphs), only the translations for this paragraphs are marked untranslated/fuzzy, which makes tracking documentation changes much easier. Last but not least, there are translation statistics for the documentation, and who wants to be the only one not reaching 100% :-) -> more documentation translations.

What has to be done?
* @damien
- make sure you have a recent enough gnome-common (2005-07-19) - Apply the attached patches
	- remove the files mentioned in 'files-to-remove'
	- commit fr.po to help/fr/fr.po
* @translators
- wait for gnomemeeting to appear on http://kvota.net/doc-l10n/by-modules.html#gnomemeeting
	- grab the pot and translate
* @packagers
	- nothing changes



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