Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GM OPAL in CVS

> Well, any reading would be nice too. If that error message isn't verbose
> enough, why should you believe me that you need to put the "-d"
> parameter? That option does point to the CVS server and thus the entire
> repository. If it's omited, how on earth shall cvs know where to take
> that gnomemeeting from if you don't set the CVSROOT environment
> variable?
> Check your "login" line and just exchange that "login" by "-z4 co -r
> opal gnomemeeting" for a test. ;)

Thanks Kilian,

I tried various incarnations of -d yesterday but the one you mention
didn't even occur to me. Funnily enough it works, funny that :-) I'd
assumed if you logged in with that dir that it would just use it. Well
that's assumption for you.

Thanks again,

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