[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] configure

Hi to all,

I started cleaning the configure script for the 1.00 release. Several
things have changed, the usual options have been replaced.

You can not compile anymore with a non-installed PWLib and OpenH323, but
you can do it the "Unix-way" with them being installed in any prefix
(for example /opt/) which was not the case before.

The new options to specify the PWLIB directory and OpenH323 directory
are --with-pwlib-dir and --with-openh323-dir. Their default on most
distributions are /usr but you can change it and it should still work.

The OpenLDAP detection has been fixed too and it works the same way.

The tests on the installed version are still there, and enhanced tests
on the library itself are done, while previously, only the presence was

I hope it will pass the Kilian's tests :)

More changes to come!
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