Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [PATCH] removes unneeded begin/end call notification in text-chat

> Well, no I haven't, and in fact, I don't really see why it is needed...

A GObject? Because it is a clean way to create new widgets with an
object-oriented approach.

> Could you remind me why you prefer having a structure filled with
> private variables widely available in common.h, rather than the same
> variables declared static at the beginning of the right .cpp?

Because static variables wouldn't work in all cases (by definition of
static, they are local to a method, except if you want to make them
global). You would then end up with a mix of structures and of static
variables, which wouldn't be good either. So the CODE Policy is now to
either use structures declared at an appropriate place (could be
elsewhere than common.h), or GObjects.


> > Well, I think working with Craig and Robert on OPAL integration is the
> > top-priority if we want to make things work in a decent timeline, but I
> > think we will do things in 3 separate branches :
> > - the 1.00 branch with bugfixes to the 1.00 release
> > - the 1.00 devel-branch for that kind of thing
> > - the experimental branch for OPAL
> Hmmm... devel&experimental will be though to sync... or is OPAL near
> enough to openh323 (api-wise) ? Unless the refactoring is made fast
> enough, of course.

Not so near, but near enough. If we release 1.00 in February/March, it
means we could also release a GnomeMeeting version with enhancements,
but based on OPAL and still H.323-only for the summer. Then we could
have SIP and IAX later.

> > However, I think that after 1.00 we have to concentrate on OPAL
> > integration before starting rewriting code that already works.
> Well, I think it will be easier to refactor then add features, than the
> other way round...

Not really, both can be done at the same time. Porting to OPAL will only
change the endpoint.cpp, and connection.cpp files.

> > I think that your revised version of the notification can go in.
> > The clear history patch will be committed by me (as I also want to make
> > sure the GUI looks ok before it is committed and as I had an awful day,
> > that costed me a lot of wasted time and money).
> I know about your day :-(
> My pending-patch list is empty, I think that makes it possible to work
> on items of my todo list.
> Snark
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