Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [PATCH] removes unneeded begin/end call notification in text-chat

Le ven 23/01/2004 à 14:35, PUYDT Julien a écrit :
> Not exactly: the gnomemeeting constructor creates a non-initialized
> structure that should be internal to the text-chat, then gives a pointer
> to that structure to a function of the text chat that does the actual
> initialization (both of that structure and of the text-chat).

I have explained in another mail why it was different. See that other
mail for more info :)

> I would rather see the text chat provide both initialization and
> destruction functions, and if needed (which should be quite rare apart
> from what's necessary to embed it into the main window) functions to get
> access to the variables that live in the structure for now. After all,
> the text-chat knows what it needs, how to get it, and how to dispose of
> it... That would make a cleaner source, both easier to understand for
> new contributors, and easier to modify. But it is probably a post-1.00
> project.

Then you have to create a GObject for the text chat. That's overkill,
but if you want to do it... That way all structures are internal and
private, and destroyed when the widget is destroyed. That could be a
nice job to do, and we already have several GObjects in GM. But I vote
for > 1.00.

PS: make sure all your patches are committed.

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