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To all,

I've posted this several times on the OpenH323 list, but as I've not
posted here. So here goes.

The OpenH323 project has been fortunate to have have had an
implementation of the H.263 codec with an RFC 2190 transport funded and
contributed by AliceStreet. This codec is based on the ffmpeg project,
and has been implemented by Guliem Tardy.

I would like to get this code into PWLib as soon as possible, but right
now the priority is getting a stable code base for GM 1.0. In light of
this, and because I happen to be working on plugin audio and video
codecs for OpenH323, Damien and I have agreed that H.263 will not be in
GM 1.0.

Once this is done, we will make H.263 available as a plugin video codec.


On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 03:37:13 -0500
Christopher Warner <zanee kernelcode com> wrote:

> I think that we should get rid of FullScreen in GnomeMeeting as an
> option. The current video codec h.261 has a max value of 352x288 and the
> avg persons default resolution nowadays is 1024x768. Even if you get X
> down to 640x480 the quality is still extremely poor, couple that with
> streaming video and it's just bad. The only other thing to do would be
> to move to H.263 but because of mpeg4 and it's issues it doesn't look
> like this will happen anytime soon. What does everyone think?
> -- 
> Christopher Warner 
> [KC]

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