Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Quicknet / MicroTelco code updated

You should also be able to dial numbers using only the POTS (plain old
telephone set).

Notice latest versions of OpenH323/PWLib and GnomeMeeting can be found
at :

Take the 3 files with -latest- in their names.

We are also providing premade binaries (Johnny can you update?) at


Le sam 03/01/2004 à 01:09, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> To all Quicknet and MicroTelco users:
> The code has been updated, cleaned and enhanced. It has been tested and
> proved to work with the classic IXJ driver due to the fact that NIXJ
> doesn't work on my machine. However, I would like tests reports with
> NIXJ too.
> Here is a short list of tests to do:
> - Do the same tests with Quicknet Output Device being POTS or headset.
> Don't forget to change the appropriate option in the preferences to
> reflect what type of device you have connected to the Quicknet card.
> - When calling somebody you should hear a dial tone using POTS and
> headset as output.
> - When a call ends you should hear a busy tone using a POTS until you
> put the phone on hook, and a busy tone during 3 seconds if you are using
> a headset.
> - The sliders in the Control Panel -> Audio section should modify the
> volumes
> - You should hear a ring when you are called when using a POTS, and
> nothing when using a headset. 
> - Playing with the PC-To-Phone configuration dialog should
> register/unregister you from the MicroTelco gatekeeper.
> - You should have no problem changing the plugin type during a call and
> switch from Quicknet to anything else.
> I'm mostly interested in tests done with a recent version of NIXJ.
> Thank you,
 _      Damien Sandras
//\     It-Optics s.a.
v_/_    GnomeMeeting:
        FOSDEM 2004:
        H.323 phone: seconix com

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