Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Instability and old config

Le 11/2/2004, "Pierre-Philippe Coupard" <pcoupard easyconnect fr> a

>Is it a good idea to flush the GM config in gconf when I rebuild a new cvs
>snapshot? I'm upgrading to the latest and greatest regularly to see if one or
>two problems I've been experiencing disappear, but the latest I've built today
>segfaulted rightaway upon answering a call. I've zapped the old config and now
>it seems to work (insert wood knocking here).

What you did is a pretty bad idea. You mention a bug, and a workaround,
but you give no backtrace. As a conclusion, the problem you are
mentionning (if any) won't be fixed before the release.
Flushing the GConf keys is not required, I never do it.

>I haven't tested today's snapshot at all, but if I see some problems I had
>noticed previously with the call history, I'll post a full report.

I really expect it !

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