[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Testing or not? Coding or not?

Hello to all,

I have discovered a new bug in gnomemeeting, it crashes after a few
calls when starting the call. Easy to reproduce, that proves one
thing : nobody is testing GnomeMeeting CVS.

The document on www.seconix.com/misc/team.html names a few people who
accepted to test GnomeMeeting on a regular basis, it seems that none of
them is doing it. I'm really sad of this and don't know what to do. 

How will we have a good and stable 1.00 release if I'm the only one to
code, to test and to do everything?

I agree it is an Open Source project, nobody has any obligation, but
that is very sad for me and for the project. Testing is something easy.
15 minutes per day.
 _      Damien Sandras
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