Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] ILS IPv6 support. We need concepts !!!

Hello Sandro,

I agree that the sipv6address is the way to go, but GM should do some
magic :
- If the calling GM is able to do IPv6, then try to see if there is a
sipv6address attribute first, and use it. If not, get back to the
- If the calling GM is not able to do IPv6, then always use the current

However, we have a problem there. If the connection to the ILS is done
over IPv6, the server will be able to check that the provided IPv6
address is correct, but not the IPv4 address. So, it means the client
could provide a bogus address. The problem is the same in the other
direction. An IPv4-only client could provide bogus IPv6 addresses.

That's the main problem. Anybody has an idea for that? (I don't think
double registration  -ipv4 + ipv6 - is a valid solution here)

PS: we have to not add more options to the GUI, even for IPv6 as 90% of
the users won't use them and won't understand what it is.

Le mar 17/06/2003 à 21:05, Sandro a écrit :
> Hello to all,
>    IPv6 is getting more and more popular nowadays. It's already
> supported by Gnomemeeting , calls can be made over this new protocol but
> ILS (Users Directory Server) based on openldap don't suport it.
>    OpenLdap himself has IPv6 suport, but the problem is that there are
> no standarts  yet available. We don't know how is Microsoft (Creator of
> ILS standart) going to support IPv6 , so maybe we have to try to create
> our standart and not to brake NM support too. Changes must be made in
> both parts GM and ILS server,ILS server has to stay compatible to NM
> clients, GM  has to be adapted to send/recieve "optional" atribute to
> ILS server such  sipv6address.
>    We can have folowing situations:
> a) client has IPv4 only
> b) client has IPv6 only
> c) client has both IPv4 and IPv6
> and each one can try to connect to other, so we have to handle all of
> this cases...
> Any ideas are welcome...
> I have some ideas already,
> ILS:
> A attribute sipv6Address has to be included in netmeeting.schema of
> openldap.Netmeeting won't request this attribute...
> GM:
> In preferences , in ISL(Directory Settings) a checkbox has to be added:
> [x] Enable IPv6 Support in ILS
> 	[x] Send IPv4 to ILS	[x] Show IPv4 addresses in ILS browser
> 	[x] Send IPv6 to ILS	[x] Show IPv6 addresses in ILS browser 
> select preferred protocol...
> 	[IPv4/IPv6] Select default  protocol
> Functions ;-) :
> "[x] Enable IPv6 Support in ILS" Enables GN to send (or request)
> 	sipv6Address to server and it would file with not-GM ils 	servers, also
> right-click-menu in ILS-browser will schow "call 	over IPv6" if
> sipv6Address is set and "call over ipv4" if  	sipAddress is set too.
> "[x] Send IPv4 to ILS" will send usual IPv4 to ILS .can be disabled if
> 	no IPv4 on client.
> "[x] Show IPv4 addresses in ILS browser" will show usual IPv4 in
> 	ILS-browser .Can be  disabled if someone don't want to see IPv4
> 	addresses in Browser ;-) . optional: contacts with no ipv6 can 	be
> shown in red collor and green those with IPv6  ;-)
> "[x] Send IPv6 to ILS" Can be disabled if someone has IPv6 but don't
> 	want to publish it  , maybe just want to call over ipv6 but 	don't want
> to receive calls over it. (Same for IPv4 and "Send
> 	IPv4 to	ILS" too ).
> "[x] Show IPv6 addresses in ILS browser" someone just wants to be
> 	available over 	IPv6 but don't want to see LOONG ipv6 addresses 	in
> browser ;)
> "Select default  protocol" Default protocol if both ip addresses are
> 	available for a contact. if no ipv4 is available and ipv4 is 	default
> it will call ipv6.
> (IPv6 or IPv4 is not available if (sip/sipv6)attribute is set to "Zero"
> 	or isn't set 	;) ... )
> Problem are callto URL s too, because if someone saves callto-url to
> his/her addressbook, it's impossible to know if sipv6address attribute 
> will be available from ILS server for given contact...
> Addressbook has to have a option to call over ip or ipv6.... 
> OK i think it's enough for beginn of discussion....
> sorry for my english,
> Thanks,
> Sandro, (sd)
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