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Le ven 03/01/2003 à 16:35, Truong a écrit :

> If somebody would like to meet others people, he would activate "I
> accepte to be listed" option. It means that GM would have 2 options:
>   - accepte to be listed
>   - do not show me on ILS

One option:
Show me on ILS -> Enabled or not

> I don't know if the ILS server side (i.e. could
> support these functions.

That was exactly my idea => yes it would work that way.

> %   For me, I would prefer to have the control to reject/accept whoever I
> % want to, and I don't mind being listed in ils, is like being in the
> % yellow pages,
> On the yellow pages, private numbers are not printed and the owners (in
> Belgium) have to pay for that service "anonymous".
> %  later it is up to me to accept a call from my boss or not,
> % for instance.
> % 
> If we could add/remove peoples in "Known group" (or alike) then we could
> still decide to accept a call or not. People can use another way to
> exchange their contacts, by mail, by an IM client, even on their web sites.
> My 2 cents ideas.
> Truong
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