Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [BETA7] the "I'm in a real hurry" release

Le mar 12/08/2003 à 12:55, PUYDT Julien a écrit :
> Le mar 12/08/2003 à 12:43, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> > Looks like another release will be needed :)
> Looks like you didn't do things correctly:
> * first patch;
> * then move include/ to include/

That's what I did.... Please mail me privately one giga patch containing
all things.

I'll work on an ALSA plugin tonight and see what happens with mixers in
that case for example. 

I think you should add the following functions to the API:
- UseMixers (); returns TRUE if the current plugin needs mixers or not.
That way I could show/hide them in GM on the fly when the user chooses
another plugin.
- SetPlayerVolume (PString dev, int vol); dev is a mixer or a device
name, following if the plugin requires the use of mixers or not.
- SetRecorderVolume ();
- GetPlayerVolume ();
- GetRecorderVolume ();
- GetMixers ();

PWLib also uses functions to Set and Get the volumes for the recorder
and player but only when they are open. I think they appear in oss.cxx.
But the API needs to be broken here when the plugins are used because it
requires the device to be opened to be able to change the volume. In the
case of OSS, it won't even always work, because devices do not always
accept mixers ioctl's.

And also work on real devices names instead of just /dev/dsp when
available (ie not in the OSS case).

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