[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Testing of new snapshot.


Here is just a short summary of tests I have done so far
on the 31.12.2002 snapshot:

- Went trough the configuration druid and the sound test with a 5 sec
  delay did work ok for me.

  (One thing I was missing there was the settings for the mixers,
I don't know if that should be there or not it might be good to be there as well together with the /dev/dsp* settings)

  (One other thing I noticed with the testing of the mic was if
   I choose /dev/dsp2 as recording device (that is TV for me) and
   playback on the soundcard (/dev/dsp) then the sound started to play
   immediately but with about 1/5 of the speed.
So the sound was in "slow-motion" :) What I don't know is if the
   same thing happens if one uses an other soundcard for mic than for

- Video test did also work ok.

- Tested the drag and drop features from ILS and that did also work for
  me as expected.

- The reintroduced mixer settings was automatically right for me in the
  menu even tough I could not select them manually during the
  configuration phase, and the mixers did work as expected.

One thing I am missing in this snapshot is the video/sound test in
gnomemeeting like it was some days ago I think it would be good if one
could test video and sound at any time at least I use it quiet often
now-days :)

PS. Will continue to test more and I have RH 8.0 snapshots on my page :)

Happy New Year


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