Re: Having external control panels in System settings

On Thu, 2012-01-19 at 12:28 +0200, Petko wrote:
> Hello , I'm Petko Ditchev , and for the purposes of this thread I'm a 
> casual user (given I have some programming background).
>      I'm writing here because I really think there's a problem with the 
> new direction of development for G-C-C - having all external 
> applications/extentions/whatever have to be approved and implemented 
> upstream . In short - I think that's an impossible concept for all linux 
> platforms .
>   So here's the first point I want to make - System settings isn't a 
> configuration menu for GNOME , because GNOME isn't an operating system . 

Except that it's what we want it to become, taking control of our
platform rather than having 3 separate options for each element of the
stack. With that in mind, I think the rest of your reasoning doesn't
really stand.


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