Re: GSoC idea - gamepads settings panel (and collateral additions)


I'm just dropping a quick note that I've finally created a proposal page for the gamepad panel.

The proposal is located at
It already includes some relevant art from the jstest-gtk application and System Settings in KDE Workspace. I'm hoping to find more designs from other operating systems. There are also some second thoughts of mine presented regarding the name and the calibration process. There's also a generic goal for starters.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Žan Doberšek <zandobersek gmail com> wrote:
Just to clarify - I have no assurance that my proposal will get accepted in the first place, but hopefully that won't deter designers from creating some starting design for the panel. I do hope though that, if proposal is accepted and I can work on the project via GSoC, the design will be somewhat finalized before the mid-term evaluation.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Žan Doberšek <zandobersek gmail com> wrote:

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 11:24 PM, Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau gmail com> wrote:


Le 3 avril 2012 21:52, Žan Doberšek <zandobersek gmail com> a écrit :

> Just to say something about the design - not a problem,

It's not a problem per-se, but you introduce a dependency on a third
party for a successful completion of your project, and potential
unplanned delays, that's all I'm worried about...

Yes, I'm aware of that and it's a valid concern.

In the final version of proposal I've comitted to start working with the design team on the design even before the GSoC coding start date. I understant that design concept can take a long time to develop.

I'll open a panel proposal page on the Design wiki page this week, start uploading reference designs and start poking some designers around to see what to do next.

I hope this helps,


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