Re: GSoC idea - gamepads settings panel (and collateral additions)

Hi again,

I've now started building a proposal for this project. It is not yet complete, but is getting there. It is accessible here:

It's still missing an outline of what will be done at particular time along with a link to the bug I've fixed. I've started working on bug #641754, so if any gnome-cc folks are reading this, I'd love to get some feedback on it ASAP so it can be included in the proposal.

Just to say something about the design - not a problem, I'll gladly bother the designers to provide some cool interface. I can think of a basic design myself, but it would be only useful to get things started (i.e. i'm not working on a CLI).




On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 1:58 PM, Christophe Fergeau <cfergeau gmail com> wrote:
Hey Žan,

Sorry for the delay in the answer. As for gamepad support in
Webkit-gtk+, that's probably something they'd be interested in, I'd
recommend getting in touch with them to know for sure. WIth regards to
gamepad support in the control center, that's a more complicated
question, and you did the right thing by cc'ing gnomecc-list. While
being able to configure gamepads from the control center would be a
welcome addition, the question of how to do that UI-wise is something
that needs to be discussed with the GNOME design team ( ), and you'll need buy-in from them to
move forward on the configuration part of your Summer of Code. The
good thing is that this shouldn't block the WebkitGtk+ side of the
gnomecc-list people, do you have any plans/designs for integration of
gamepads in the control center?



Le 21 mars 2012 18:42, Žan Doberšek <zandobersek gmail com> a écrit :
> (Whoops, correcting the title -  sorry for the double posting)
> Greetings,
> I am Zan Dobersek, an undergraduate freshman of the interdisciplinary
> programme Computer Science and Mathematics at the Faculty of computer and
> information science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Despite being
> a freshman, I've been gaining experience in programming and open source
> projects since 2008, mostly making small contributions to the Gtk+ port of
> the popular WebKit project. Recently I've become more and more interested in
> GNOME as a whole and now as a student am looking forward in applying to the
> Google Summer of Code with an idea around enhancing a particular GNOME
> project.
> Working around WebKit, I am familiar with new web technologies emerging
> every day, and fond of new trends occurring, especially regarding native
> HTML applications making their way towards our systems. Especially
> interesting are HTML games, using technologies such as Canvas, WebGL, Web
> Audio, Pointer Lock, Fullscreen etc. A technology coming from the same field
> that I find interesting is Gamepad support, which enables the use of devices
> such as gamepads or joysticks in HTML applications. Admittedly, there aren't
> a lot (if any) native HTML applications used in GNOME as of this moment, let
> alone HTML games, but I'm certain there will come time when such
> applications will be aplenty.
> I am interested in bringing the Gamepad support to the GNOME platform in a
> complete package. This would mean adding support for such devices in the
> Gtk+ port of WebKit. Still, when using a supported device, users might want
> to change buttons mappings or tune the axis sensitivity. For such cases I
> would like to polish the experience by adding:
> - a panel in Gnome Control Center, offering a complete mapping of both
> buttons and axes on a device along with axes calibration
> - a plugin in gnome-settings-daemon that would load mappings and calibration
> data for the newly-connected device that were previously set and saved
> through the panel in GCC
> As much as I am interested in doing this, I would like to know whether
> adding the panel and plugin directly to the two projects would be both
> acceptable to the project maintainers and a valid goal for the GSoC
> application, and if there would be anyone willing to mentor me in doing
> this.
> Best regards,
> Zan
> Some links on the matter:
> - a news post about Gamepad support in Chromium
> - a news post about Gamepad support in Firefox
> - the Gamepad specification draft itself
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